Perfection Snacks provides better-for-you snacks to food service and specialty catering. We believe feeling good and healthier living begins with what you eat, real food with ingredients you can pronounce. That’s why all of our snacks are gluten-free and made with no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. Just the good stuff!


Our Story

There is a lot of heart in our popular gluten-free snacks. It all started years ago when momprenuer Amy Holyk, Founder & CEO of Perfection Snacks, decided to make chocolate covered pretzels for her son’s kindergarten class Christmas party. “They were a big hit!”, Amy reminisces. “All the kids loved them, but so did all of the moms.” Feeling encouraged she began making more for friends and family parties over the next couple of years until a close friend suggested that she sell them. Her response? “That’s crazy! They’re pretzels, chocolates covered pretzels, who is going to buy these?” Finally she decided though why not give a try?

Luckily, Amy lived in a small town with a lot of stay-at-home moms that she knew from school. They started to work for her to help keep up with the growing demand. At the same time Amy was doing demos at local grocery stores with help from her kids and trusted employees, she was also battling an unknown illness making life more difficult. After many doctors and tests, she was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease. She discovered the number one thing to try and eliminate was gluten. After doing so she began to feel much better than she had in years. Feeling inspired she started creating gluten-free snacks. “I wanted to create gluten-free snacks that tasted as good as, or better than other non-gluten free snacks you may find on the shelf. So others, in my situation, could share in snacking with their family and friends.”

“We use real spices and real seasonings to flavor our snacks”, Amy continues, “I do not like them to have artificial flavors, artificial colors, artificial preservatives, MSG, or gluten. Those are things that will not be found in our products. That is my mission and that is my promise…” And, what started as a dream of one hardworking mom has grown into a thriving company celebrating 11 years in business and serving over 100 million better-for-you snacks to the world.